Friday, June 20, 2014

Liza Bruce- Moroccan Pad

So i have found a house that completely encapsultes this Moroccan bohemian style i have been obsessed with this year.  Liza Bruce is a fashion designer who seems to mainly do swimwear. And Kate Moss wore that silver see through dress of hers which only Kate Moss could ever pull off.
Heres Liza's house...I think you can only get away with that amount of Moroccan flair if your actually in Morocco, otherwise it might look a little bit over the top. But this house is still stunning, and you can take so many ideas from the way she has used fabrics, and tiles, and this bursts of colour.

Theres hints of traditional islamic art and design throughout, with the arches and the artwork. She marries that with bold -almost neon- colours in the fabric and decor, but set against stark modern white walls. Theres some parts of the house where it looks like the trees and plants are taking over but it's fantastic. It really reminds me of the opening of A Little Princess, where it shows her life in India in the gardens, with all the beautiful colours and fabrics. This house is STUNNING!!!

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