Monday, September 22, 2014

hanging plants

I really like the idea of bringing the outdoors, indoors. Hanging baskets in a garden or on the outside of a house are beautiful, but more and more i have seen on design websites that they can so easily be used inside the home. Whether its in the kitchen and used as a herb garden display, or in the living room to add a bit of greenery and nature. It looks great and is quite a fun quirky way to bring that essential bit of greenery or plants into a room. Here are some examples i have come across, using different materials creating very different styles and effects.

The beads and rope create a more earthy and outdoorsy effect, again bringing the outdoors inside. It is very urban and bohemian.

The use of a metal geometric structure as a hanger is more modern and minimalist style. Using desert plants or cactus as a plant gives a very clean and minimal effect as an interior- rather than wild and tropical.

And finally, the upside down pots are such a fun little twist on the hanging pot. Its quirky and attracts a lot of attention. They almost look like lamp shades that have been over-taken by wild plants.

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