Sunday, September 28, 2014

Layered and Long jewelery

This is the year of 21st Birthday present giving....which means i am haemorrhaging money every month. But 21st's are special, and especially for my housemates this year (were actually all turning 22 now) its our last year together. I came across Layered and Long on when looking for a present for my Aunt. They specialise in beautiful personalised delicate necklaces, which you can buy in a set to create a layered effect.  -

This is the set we got for Lucy: We chose to engrave her birthday in roman numerals to make it a little bit more unique.

I think they are stunning, and am so jealous i don't have a set for myself! The great part about the website is you can really personalise anything- the bead colour, the length, the stamps, the shape! I also ordered a bracelet for my housemate, which is silver with a turquoise bead with the engraving - E K H B - the initials of our house! (bit vommy)

Here are some examples given from the website:

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